Sunday, December 16, 2012

I take it back

The prize ceremony was long, but a lot less so than usual! Instead of calling everyone onto the stage to give them a certificate confirming that they were there, Tony handed them out randomly to people and had them mingle and present the certificates to each other. Brilliant idea, and sums up this year's world championship - it was a lot less formal and pretentious, and a lot more fun!

Okay, full report coming up in the next couple of days, but just one thing to remember before you all assume I'm over the hill - in 2004, Gunther came 9th, then he won the world championship three years later. AND he was older than me!


Anonymous said...

It's motivation that is harder now you are middle aged. When you were younger you had more motivation, energy, physically fitter, mentally sharper and less other things to worry about in life. Now as you progress to the later stages of life there is more on your mind. But my grandad still beat me at Crib when he was older than you so all is not lost Ben. You can do it!
Remember recently Dominic O'Brien who has won lots of memory championships in early days proved that even though he is old he can still remember stuff when he finished third at English championship.

Anonymous said...

#1Anon is being quite generous in describing Ben as middle aged.