Saturday, September 22, 2012

Right, this looks like the button that fixes everything

It is good to have Doctor Who back on our screens - it really needs to be on at least 26 weeks a year, preferably more, and when I'm the director general of the BBC that'll be the first (and probably only) thing I do. And it's been pretty good, all in all. But I do wish they'd put a bit more effort into the plots of episodes like tonight's. Okay, you want to do one that focuses on the characters rather than the story, which is fine (especially with Amy and Rory, who continue to be the best companions ever - isn't this kind of episode with them so very much better than the sub-soap-opera stuff Rose and Mickey occasionally indulged in?), but really, another episode with a weird alien invasion that attacks people all over the world but which the Doctor solves by pressing the 'put everything back the way it was' button? They're not even trying. The ending was so perfunctory, it almost-but-not-quite got in the way of the episode being really a lot of fun!


Unknown said...

Dr. Who is great, as is the whole time travel set of literature and movies. I've been to three of the Dr. Who conventions in the US, and have met many of the doctors and companions.
A new interesting movie that is opening in December about time travel is "Looper". It is about when the Mob controls time travel for hits. But the hitman has a hit put out on him! It is potentially based on the 1960's movie "Mechanic" starring Charles Bronson, who played a retiring hitman who trained his replacement, but then the Mob used the replacement to put a hit on Charles Bronson! What a great retirement plan! The "Mechanic" was later remade into a modern movie starring Donald Sutherland, Jason Stathans, and Ben Foster in 2010. Both are great movies if you can get them. Guess which hitman succeeds?! Time travel back to the 1960's to see the original movie! Just get your Delorian up to 88mph. Or 55 kph if you are French! Smile.

Unknown said...

Oops! Math Reciprocal error! Not (5/8) but (8/5). Thus 8 kilometers==5 miles ,so 88mph=88*8/5 kph = 140.8 kph . I guess my Delorian needs a metric speedometer! Fortunately my Quantum mechanic can upgrade my time travel car! Smile.