Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Moonie and Broon

In July 2002, I went to Chicago with some friends. And it was a completely awesome holiday, too, I'd recommend it to everyone who's looking for a new place to visit. One of these people, although otherwise a really great person, was one of those people who go to Renaissance Faires and dress up as 'genuine European renaissance folk', and so we all ended up going to the local Faire to see what it was like. It was actually rather groovy, and the best part of it was a pair of brilliant comedians called Moonie and Broon.

They were completely and totally hilarious and extremely talented, and so when at the end of the show they collected email addresses to add to the mailing list, I put mine down, just on the offchance I was ever in a position to go and see them again.

If memory serves, I heard nothing from them for about two years, but then from 2004 onwards, I've received regular mailings, letting me know where they're performing next, what other projects they're working on, and now (technology having moved on since 2002) what's on their latest podcast. I've never really considered taking myself off the mailing list all these years, since I might still, one day, end up in a position to go and see them again. And really, they are by far the most persistent mailing list I've ever been affiliated with - most people would have struck me off the list by now, or lost the original list and recreated it, or something like that. I'm impressed.

So, getting the latest update from Moonie and Broon today has inspired me to give them a plug on my blog. I feel quite bad about them emailing me so many times over the last eight and a half years, and me never replying or going to see them. So if anybody's in the Walnut Creek, California area on March 19th, go and check them out! They come with my heartiest recommendation! Say hi from me!


Orko said...

Have you ever been to Canada? Do you have Beiber~Fever? What are your thoughts on Rockabilly music? Have you ever given up on a food group? Have you ever been attacked by a group of awkward looking girls? When you sleep, do you prefer to sleep on your face?

Orko said...

Do you know if the world memory champion has a blog?

Orko said...

Fakes, all of them.