Sunday, March 28, 2010

Enough with the numbers

36.03(X), 28.30, 25.80; 2:57.03; 5:04.90/432/200; 7:58.53/1245

Okay, I'm going to stop posting my training scores every night now. I think I've got into enough of a rhythm with the daily practice that I don't need the motivation of potentially having to reveal to the blog-reading millions that I skipped a day. Thanks for your tolerance, people.

Hmm, I've just been watching the last five minutes of "Wonders of the Solar System" while waiting for Match of the Day, and I notice that the presenter is credited as "Professor Brian Cox". From the presenting style and what he looks like, I'd assumed he was some kind of teen idol pop singer who'd been drafted in in an attempt to make astronomy more appealing to The Kids. I must be getting old.


Anonymous said...

The same Brian Cox played keyboards in D:Ream.

Geoff said...

Although he is a credentialed physicist.

Katy said...

Totally unrelated (I can't be bothered to search for a more relevant post) this has just turned up in the small ads ni our intranet:
"Real Musgrave's Pocket Dragons figurine, 9 altogether, unboxed but with base labels and in excellent condition. Can supply a list."

Price for them all seems to be £70. Let me know if you want me to get more details and tell the seller I may know someone interested.

Michelle said...

I love pocket dragons too! Zoomy said he would work on trying to convert his pocket dragon adventures episodes that he has recorded on VHS to digital files so that he can upload them on the internet. I can't wait I'm so excited lol! :)