Thursday, February 25, 2010


Cityroomz was fully booked, after all my talk of tradition last night. I'm having to stay in a nicer, more expensive place instead. Tradition is ruined! Now I'll never achieve my usual mediocre results in the othello! I'll probably win it, or something useless and non-traditional like that.

Still, I'm cheered up by the news that David Taylor is entering the World Snooker Championship qualifying tomorrow, for the first time in millions of years. I always thought he was cool when I was very young, although I can't think why.


Geoff said...

Remember to bring your clock!

Anonymous said...

David? I think you mean Dennis. Call yourself a memory man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Zoomy said...

No, I mean David. David "the Silver Fox" Taylor, no relation to Dennis. Look him up.

He lost 5-1 in the first qualifying round, to someone I've never heard of, sadly. But he's still cool.