Thursday, October 09, 2008


There's an advert on telly in between all the cartoons I watch for a Fisher Price pink fantasy castle kind of thing, and the narrator enthuses that "Princess Sarah-Lynn and Prince Andrew are getting ready for the party!" or something along those lines. Princess Sarah and Prince Andrew? Do they expect small girls to re-enact a thrilling fairytale divorce hearing?

Actually, is Prince Andrew even still alive? I don't seem to have heard anything about him for decades. If he is still alive and just not being in the newspapers, I approve wholeheartedly and think that the rest of the royals should follow his example. Especially if he's quietly doing some kind of charitable work instead of sitting around watching telly all day. Hey, maybe he's also a fan of Ben 10 and also giggles at that fairy castle Prince Andrew!


Anonymous said...

Just wondering, how many people would need to die in the line of succession before King Ben happened?

SamT said...

Prince Andy is still alive, he's only 48, and playing lots of golf, and by all accounts having a lot of fun, well you would if you have £ and no proper job, though sure he's SUPPOSED to be working at something.
Would it be a 10000 before King Ben?