Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Boxes upon boxes

In early 1998, I moved from a rented attic room into a tiny little room in a shared house, and my friend Karen helped me move my stuff. She observed "Ben, for someone who's had a short little life like yours, you haven't half accumulated a lot of shit." I miss Karen and her colourful expressions, actually. I must look her up some time.

Anyway, it's ten years later, and I would estimate that I've got about ten times as much junk piled up in cardboard boxes now. Moving house is a terrible inconvenience, especially if you find it impossible to throw anything away, ever. Half the stuff in these boxes is probably just going to be unpacked, put somewhere and never touched again until the next time I move. Maybe I should just dump it all outside the Oxfam shop and make a fresh start? But then what would happen if I find that I really need that half of an issue of Autosport magazine from 1997?


Jack said...

Unfortunately I can't really pootle over there and swear loudly at you right now, you'll have to wait until October for that. For now, this'll have to suffice.
Zoomy, you've got far too much shit.

SamT said...

Give it to charity!!
You may never give it away and then you will have even more shit ( we actually call it shite in Scotland!) the next time you move.
Just think it also gives you time to accumulate new shite!!