Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Plans for the future

Interview tomorrow morning in, funnily enough, Oadby, just down the road from the church where I've lost many an othello game. Really good job for a company that I couldn't say anything bad about even if I didn't have this self-imposed ban on talking about companies I potentially work for - smallish family company that has a super-professional-looking website with perfect spelling, grammar and punctuation! What more could a friendly and pedantic accountant want in life?

So let's talk memory instead. I did a practice 30-minute cards this evening, attempting 21 packs and getting 14 right. But I really wasn't far off with the other seven, and I'm contemplating trying 21 at the German championship in just under two months' time. Now, some might say that would be unnecessarily risky (and others might describe it as 'ludicrously stupid') when I can attempt 18 and be reasonably confident of only making one or two mistakes and beating everyone else by some margin... but I wanna break records and it's pretty unlikely I'm going to break my new record of 17 if I only attempt 18.

Maybe I'll do a bit more practice and see how it goes. I'd hate to get even more of a reputation as the kind of person who loses big championships by trying to show off...

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Anonymous said...

If he was right then you and everyone else in the competition would still be around the three minute barrier set by Creighton Carvello so how stupid can it be ?
Life is all about improvement !

People were perfectly happy with gaslight and thought Thomas Edison was ludicrously stupid or mad when he was trying to invent a light-bulb in an age where nobody had electricity.

(Ludicrously stupidly posting comments about far better memory men than himself)

ps. Good luck with getting a proper job tomorrow Ben !