Sunday, February 24, 2008

Enormous throbbing pens

Another reason why I need a job is because I need to be able to steal pens from the office. I get through biros at a terrible rate - they either disappear or mysteriously break in half when I experiment with them to see how far they'll bend before they break. I bought a couple recently, and now I can't find the things. This is all the more annoying, because there are only two places I ever put pens - on my desk where I memorise things, or on the kitchen counter where I leave whatever I empty out of my pockets. Or occasionally here on the settee if I have occasion to write anything when I'm watching telly or talking on the phone. And yet the things disappear. Perhaps they're running away before I accidentally break them in half.

And no, the book isn't finished. But it is very, very nearly finished and I've done a lot of work on it today and it'll be finished very, very soon! Now I must go, the football's on telly.


Ian said...

Douglas Adams wrote about pens mysteriously disappearing in his Hitchhikers Guide series. He reckoned they all flew away to their own little planet somewhere! I think he might have been onto something! Or is that just on something?

Sam said...

They must be having illicit relations with odd socks.

And tsk, tsk, ZZ - you shouldn't be watching the football if the book's not finished!