Friday, September 17, 2010

My unshakeable philosophies of life

I have two fundamental principles that I follow in every aspect of life, which flatly contradict each other but which I still nevertheless tell people to follow, whether they ask me or not.

First philosophy - read the instructions, dimwits. I've developed a reputation for being an expert at computery stuff at work, just because whenever someone turns to the office in general and yells "I don't know how to make this thing on the screen change colours!", I click the 'help' button and find out how to do it, and then pass the message along. Moral - anyone can be a genius, if you just make the effort to find out how to do something yourself rather than asking the nearest genius how to do it.

Second philosophy - don't read the instructions, dolts. I became the World Memory Champion precisely by not reading the various books and websites available on the subject, but by looking at the things you have to memorise in the World Memory Championship and inventing a new way of doing it that nobody had thought of before. So don't come to me asking for every tiny detail of my system, work out your own version.

And there you go - do what I tell you, follow both those simple philosophies and ignore everything I've told you tonight, and you too can be as clever and awesome* as me.

*Awesomeness currently scheduled to last until December, when someone beats me in the World Memory Championship by being much more awesome than me.


Anonymous said...

"...and you too can be as clever and awesome* as me."

that was really "modest" =)

Our protector said...

Keep blogging. Because the ace of spades is something you can never forget.

She knows who she is said...

And if they still aren't dead - ask them which blade, this blade, that blade or switchblade?

Geoff Peterson, LSRB said...

Some people who don't know any better may be impressed by your memory thingamajig.

But honestly people, stop asking Ben for advice. It's not like he's an international food eating champion, perspective people!

Lollipops all free today said...

Who is Geoff Peterson? What's an LSRB? Are you winding people up? If you click on the first o in this sentence will you get hit with a spade?

Dorian said...

I think the creative method works that way: we create new methods using the know-how of a method who have been created already.
That is the reason of why your method it is so interesting.
It's awesome when you find someone who have found a new way to do something you've thought it was impossible.
It's good to know we can always improve and be better! =)
You are a champion not just because you win, but because you inspire people! =)
Cheers from Brazil