Saturday, July 28, 2012

Records tumble like memorable ninepins

Well, even though I couldn't go to the German Memory Championship (money thing), it remains the competition where everyone gives their best performance. Johannes and Simon have been on fire this weekend, with a new record in 30-minute numbers and top-notch scores in absolutely everything else, with the kind of consistency that's unusual in the big championships. Scores, as always, can be seen and marvelled at on Memocamp.

There's still hope for me, if I get back in practice - my scores in 30-minute cards and binary remain strangely out of reach of everyone else, and I'm now giving serious thought (not for the first time) to a different method of memorising decimal numbers that might help me catch up with my rivals, maybe. But it's been so long since I last did any serious training, I don't think I can get in shape before the world championship in December. It's that bad.

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