Friday, July 27, 2012

What's in a name?

I have trouble with remembering names. At work today, I was talking about someone called Jason, while someone else nearby was talking loudly about someone whose surname is Franks, and I spent the rest of the morning thinking "Jason Franks? I know someone called Jason Franks, don't I? Who is he?"

I was thinking, obviously, of Jason David Frank, that wonderful actor who was Tommy on Power Rangers. That extra S on the end must have confused me. And then I see a news headline about someone called Paul Chambers, and now I find myself thinking "Don't I know a Paul Chambers? Someone I used to work with? I'm sure I'm not just confusing him with Phil Chambers, whom I emailed immediately before seeing that headline, but then again..."

If you're Paul Chambers and you used to work with me, or possibly you're someone I've seen on television, or maybe you just have a similar name that I'm getting mixed up with (but not Phil Chambers, who's someone else entirely), please get in touch and put me out of my misery. Until the next vaguely-familiar name I encounter, anyway...

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