Friday, July 27, 2012

More name issues

I've just looked out of the window and noticed that the nursery place across the road (well, sort of across two or three roads, but it's closer than that makes it sound, trust me, roads around here are a bit weird) has changed its name from Station House Nursery to... Beeston Nursery.

Beeston Nursery? How wildly unoriginal! I mean, this town is called Beeston, and it seems to be chock full of nursery schools, why would anyone want to call their place "Beeston Nursery"? Station House Nursery was a great name, seeing as it's in the old station house and all. Evocative and quaint. Well, I won't be dumping my hypothetical children there if I had any children to dump. I wouldn't have been anyway, of course, since I have a vague recollection of Nick from Boots saying that place wasn't supposed to be very good, and anyway there's another place just down the road called Toddlers' University, with correctly-placed apostrophe and picture of a mortar board on the sign, which is exactly the place for my hypothetical offspring to be dumped.

And while we're on the subject of names, I edited that last post shortly after posting it, since I originally confused Jason David Frank (Tommy on Power Rangers) with Jason Gray-Stanford (Zoom-Zoom on Pocket Dragon Adventures). I then felt bad about editing it, because it makes it look like I'm trying to conceal my stupidity and make people think I can tell my Jasons apart when I can't, but editing it back again would just be silly, so I'm confessing my ignorance here.

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