Saturday, August 11, 2012

You can't 'medal' in something. It's not a verb.

Hooray for that trainee accountant who won a gold medal in rowing or something. Almost as cool as when I was a trainee accountant who won a gold medal in something (I forget what) at the MSO in 1998, I think. Or did I? I only won a silver in 1997, but when did I first win a gold? It's okay for me not to remember, incidentally, because I didn't start competing in memory competitions until 2000, when I was already AAT qualified.

I could look it up on the website, but that would be cheating. I might have actually not won a gold until later than that, come to think of it. I used to know what I won at the MSO. I'm probably getting old.


Geoff said...

You can meddle though.

Dai Griffiths said...

Maybe some of yours are probably worth more than Olympic medals Ben. Have a look at what they are worth:

Dai Griffiths said...

Oops. You can tell I edited that. Lol.