Monday, July 23, 2012

Bradley Wiggins has nothing on me

I've got a new job since last I talked about dull things like work - in Belper, a town which I previously only knew from the educational BBC Micro game "Derbyshire Runaround". I go there on the train and cycle up to the office (and 'up' is the right word, it's practically vertical), but today since it was so sunny and nice, I decided to bike it all the way back.

The only real problem with that idea is that Derbyshire is nothing but hills. It's more downhill than up going from Belper to Beeston (about 16 miles), but there are still some killer inclines that I ended up being a wimp and walking up instead of pedalling. It took 1 hour 35 minutes by my watch, and I might try it again if the weather stays nice, and see if I can improve on that time when I get more used to it.

On the train journey there, I've taken to bringing along a sheet of numbers and memorising them on the way. Because I haven't been practicing very much at all for the last year or so, and it helps me get in shape mentally. So really, I'm giving myself an all-round work-out as well as getting some much-needed money in the bank! I'm awesome.

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Captain Underpants said...

Perchance, does this new job involve dancing with dogs?