Saturday, March 12, 2011

Library lane

The Oadby Regional is one of life's unchanging constants. Same location (Oadby Baptist Church), same date (always the same day as the US Memory Championship for some unfathomable reason), same people (more or less), same pub for lunch (the Old Library, next door to the new library, which is next door to a small terrace which claims to be built on the site of both a library and a swimming baths), even the same man who's seen me on TV and happened to be in the pub when we went for lunch this year and last. He probably lives there.

I hadn't played in an othello tournament for quite a long time, or played online either, so I suppose I can be happy with coming fourth out of eight players. One of these days, I'll get good at the game.

I haven't heard any updates from New York, meanwhile, but I assume someone's winning the US Championship right now as we speak. Well, as I type and shortly before you read, but you know what I mean.

Monday, March 07, 2011


Yay, I've got my census form! Boo, census day is March 27th, the day before my last day at work. I'll have to describe myself as a financial analyst, not an unemployed memory-man-cum-vagabond.

I'm mystified by the government's advertising campaign claiming that the census will be used to determine local authority services. Surely this will just encourage everyone to lie on their form in the hope of making their local area seem most in need of a new swimming pool or whatever? Also, why haven't I had any spam emails/facebook messages urging me to put 'jedi knight' for my religion, or whatever? Or whatever.

Anyway, census forms were better 100 years ago. I can say this from genealogical experience.