Saturday, July 09, 2016

Talking to Americans

If you long to see me rambling on YouTube about memory competitions and things, there are two recent chats with two former US Memory Champions out there for you to watch. Here's me having an extensive chat on Skype (I'm no good with modern things like Skype) with the always-awesome Nelson Dellis:

And please also check out Nelson's blog, where he says nice things about me and also talks about a wide range of much more interesting subjects! I wish I remembered where that photo of the top half of my head in front of a brick wall came from, too, it's really cool!

That one was actually done a little while ago, while this next one was a chat with Ron White at the Extreme Memory Tournament:

Ron also said some excessively nice things about me, including saying that my number one piece of memory advice ("don't keep thinking about each image until you're sure you've got it fixed in your head; move on to the next one and you'll probably find you remembered the first one just fine") really actually helped him! When I come to think about it, I don't get much positive feedback like that, and it's very much appreciated!

The thing about this pair of Americans is that they're both really good at self-publicity and memory-sports-publicity, and making themselves and others known to the world. I totally suck at those things. I haven't even watched the two videos above, just because I really hate hearing myself talk (and also, I always find that I unintentionally said something horribly rude and unfair about someone I actually really quite like - I have serious problems with that kind of thing). I quite urgently need a publicist/agent/something, but nobody seems to want the job...