Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Hello, handsome!

Yesterday I saw myself in a mirror and thought I looked really quite good. This doesn't happen very often (because, let's face it, I'm no oil painting), and the fact that I was wearing an open-necked shirt like my dad always used to no doubt has something psychological to do with it, but my hair is at just the length where it's sort of flowing without looking stupid, and my beard is just the right thickness that I think makes me look cool, so I was quite impressed with myself for once.

And then shortly after that, I found a new Krypton Force video that I don't already own! It inspired me to update my authoritative blog on the subject, which thanks to some internet research now almost certainly lists every release of Force Five cartoons that made it onto the British market thanks to the good Krypton Force folks. By my count there are only four that I still need to find!

"Krypton Force" is one of the most popular searches that lead people to my blog, you know, so that post is extremely important. The only subjects that bring more people here are "Bumcivilian" and the perennial favourite "How to give yourself food poisoning". The latter worries me a little, quite frankly. Is it the same person every time, or is the world full of people who need a quick recipe for sickness and diarrhoea? Please tell me, next time you drop by.

Anyway, all this disjointed rambling isn't winning me any memory championships. Today is the first day for a couple of weeks when I haven't done any memory training, and it's my brother's fault. He's gone away for the next couple of days, so I've had to cook my own tea and completely fallen out of the habit of memorising things after eating. Changes to the routine can be fatal, you know. I did lots and lots of half-marathon training at the weekend, by the way. I'm almost feeling confident of putting in a passable performance at the UK Championship in a fortnight-and-a-bit. Just as long as I can get back to training tomorrow. I do need a live-in slavedriver of some kind, as I've always said.

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