Friday, August 12, 2011

I've fixed it!

My computer developed a thing where Internet Explorer and Firefox kept trying to open new windows, so I did a search on google and found that lots of people had had the same problem, but nobody had replied with anything beyond 'sounds like you've got a virus'. So I downloaded a new virus-killing thing and killed it. I'm a computer whiz.

Anyway, it's the weekend, and you really appreciate them when you're working nine to five during the week. Although actually, I've been starting at eight this past fortnight, because that way I get up and dressed and out of the house before my brother gets up, and we don't get under each other's feet in the mornings. Still, it's good for me - I might keep doing it when he's back in China, although I'll more likely go back to my old routine of waking up at twenty to nine and still getting to my desk (a 15-minute cycle away) at 9:00 on the dot.

Speaking of routines, I'm tentatively hopeful that if I can practice all the 30-minute disciplines again this weekend, like I did last weekend, I'll be better at the UK Championship than I was last year. That may sound like a modest goal, but we've still got four months to the world championship (more than that if they postpone it again), so I'm pacing myself carefully.

And remind me to talk about cartoon videos tomorrow. I want to mobilise some kind of Zoomy Army to find some for me.


Julian said...

Hi Ben,
I had the same problem with the firefox-windows... It was a virus too and I fortunately fixed it. You write often about some office, but I still don't know the name of your job?


Zoomy said...

That's because my job is boring, and I'm embarrassed by it. My official job title at the moment is "Assistant Forensic Investigation Manager", which is basically just a bunch of cool-sounding random words strung together, but I'm actually a financial analyst.