Saturday, August 13, 2011

If you're at the Fringe...

... You might want to check out Rrrants at "Laughing Horse at the Pear Tree", which might be a pub, although the website doesn't make it entirely clear. Anyway, it's on West Nicholson Street, and I think my friend Dave used to live there once, so go and ask him where it is.

Getting back to the point, I can't speak for most of the Rrrants crew, but my other friend Jammie Sammy, who's an awesome and funny singer, is among them, and it's well worth your while to go and check her out. You know I only give free plugs to people I really like, so this comes with a Zoomy guarantee of quality. I'd go myself, but I've got a job and a memory championship.

In other news, the Blogger stats tell me I've had 42 hits from the Bahamas today, and I'm wondering whether it's one enthusiastic reader or a suddenly-emerging community of Zoomy-fans that has sprung up over there. In any case, hello! I always love to see pageviews from new places.

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