Thursday, August 04, 2011

The Door

"The Door" is a 1968 cartoon which is probably on YouTube, but is impossible to find because it's just called "The Door" and everybody else in the world seems to have made an inferior cartoon by that name. But what I was meaning to blog about before I started thinking about that, was that the whole controversy about my door on Saturday seems to have been blown up out of all proportion, with wild accusations flying around, so I should probably point out that the door to the block of flats was locked successfully, and so there was very little danger of me being robbed or ransacked. This is a neighbourhood where you can leave your door unlocked, as long as the exterior door is firmly bolted.

So, sorry I made such a fuss about it. Now, someone find me that cartoon, because I want to watch it.


Anonymous said...

If you join this forum that member has the film he can email you.

Anonymous said... that is his blog address!

Dai Griffiths said...

Sorry Ben. I will be more careful in the future. I automatically do it because I smoke, It's obvious to smokers. Perhaps it is because the rest of you have more sense than to smoke that you do not have this habit. It won't happen again. will make sure to point it out. Still, you weren't burgled and we had a great weekend so, it makes Idriz's typical weekends away look normal. He he

Ps. Are you going to hold the Cambridge Memory Championships there every ear ? It would be great if you could Ben. It's awesome there. Can't often brag to foreigners about Brisish food in most places either but, you can there.