Sunday, January 25, 2009

It's the works Burns supper and I've tae address the haggis!

Hey, all you people out there in the blog-reading world, would you do me a favour? If I die (I'm not planning to die, but they tell me there's a chance of it happening at some point over the next hundred years), start having annual suppers on the anniversary of my birth, death, first World Boku Championship, whatever's most convenient. And turn it into some kind of national event somehow (create a wikipedia page that says Pridmore Night is the most important festival in Britain, that should do the trick). I think I'd make a good national icon.

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Anonymous said...


Funny, your blog sounds like the blog of a musician. Their bandwagons of fame and fortune also often roll through shady, dark, narrow alleys where nobody else goes to see them. ^^

I found your name on wikipedia today, when I was looking for other people who can do what RĂ¼diger Gamm can do.

Have you written a book or an article by chance on how it is possible to become as good as you people are at using your head?

Maybe I find some advice when I go some pages backwards on your blog. :-)

(funny with the Jim, hun! =) )

Best regards