Thursday, January 29, 2009

The black sheep of the family

I made an alarming discovery today - it seems that Michael Heseltine's mother's maiden name was Eileen Pridmore! This could have all kinds of alarming consequences. What if he decides he's a long-lost cousin and invites himself round for tea? I have no idea what the likes of Michael Heseltine like to eat, and anyway my kettle's broken. And what if some journalist uses an unusual filing system in which he organises minor celebrities by their mothers' names, and then confuses the names Aileen and Eileen (which happens a lot), and asks Michael Heseltine for advice on how to remember where you put your car keys? My reputation would be ruined! Or what if the same journalist asks me for my comments on whatever Michael Heseltine achieved during his years in the halls of power (if anything)? I'd probably say something wrong and the government would collapse!

It's not like he's even got a hereditary peerage and thus gives me the fun of calculating how many people I'd have to assassinate to get myself a seat in the Lords.


Aileen said...

So - if they'd got the records mixed in the hospital - I could really be Michael Heseltine's mother.

Anonymous said...

Have you seen the ghost in Derby hospital Ben ?

I suspect the ghost goes through walls on its journeys. Maybe you can explain the use of this to said ghost and encouage it to come to a memory competition.

Pop down and have a chat with it


Zoomy said...

Yes, if someone had spelt your name wrong on the official forms, they would have brought you a 43-year-old Conservative MP instead of a newborn baby, and that would have been confusing for everyone.

And yes, Derby is the most haunted city in Britain, you know. I used to be friends with all the ghosts while I was living there. They're nice people, but they'd have to be disqualified from memory competitions because they can't hold a pen.