Saturday, January 24, 2009

Why does everything I own inevitably explode?

Had to buy a new vacuum cleaner today in order to keep my clean-this-pigsty-up-a-bit resolution. The old one started pouring smoke out of itself when I turned it on, and although I'm not one of those technological whizzes, I'm pretty sure that's a bad sign. I considered leaving it on to see whether it would either stop or go bang and destroy half the street, but decided to just go and splash out on a new one from Argos. It's good for the economy to buy new vacuum cleaners, I understand.


Eddie 2-Sox said...

It has to be said that, in general, hoovers suck.

Cheeky~Bandit said...

You do happen to live within a mile of someone who has been known to break things without touching them.