Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Wanted Man

I keep being told that the local newspaper here in Beeston are looking for me. Apparently, they've put an article in the paper to that effect, and want me to get in touch. This is a rather passive kind of journalism, don't you think? I expect intrepid reporters to go out and find their news stories, not to announce that they want their stories to come to them! Most people don't have trouble finding me - I'm all over the internet these days, and I'm also in the phone book. Probably.

I am going to be talking to and filming with an intrepid reporter from the BBC News website some time soon, which is cool, because everyone reads that. It's always a good thing to get some more public awareness of memory competitions out there. What we really need, though, is another The Mentalists - I'd love to see the championships covered by a one-off TV show every year. I don't think that's too unrealistic a thing to want - lots of people, talking to me on the street, have said they would have liked to see more coverage of the actual competition as well as the talking with me, Gunther and Ed. I think there's a real market for this kind of thing, and I'll try to encourage any TV-connected people I meet to do something about it.


Chris said...

I'm very probably overestimating my involvement in this, but this might be my fault. See part (b) of my comment here and see how your MP might have contacted your local newspaper. Now if I had passed on your e-mail address to your MP then this might have been avoided. Trouble is, I don't know what your e-mail address is. I probably ought to be able to work it out, but...

Responding to your most recent post, can I respectfully suggest that you don't use the "What a stupid question." part of your suggested response? The rest is entirely groovy but telling interviewers that their questions are stupid is unlikely to be helpful.

Zoomy said...

Hmm, that might be where I've been going wrong in interviews all these years. But you're right, this might be a good time to share my email address with anyone who's looking for it - it's zoom_zoom_ben, and it's a yahoo.co.uk account. Feel free to drop me a line, anyone, any time!