Saturday, November 01, 2008


Before I continue the thrilling account of the World Memory Championship, let's put in a plug for Chris Dickson's very entertaining blog, and especially the bit where he suggests we start a campaign to make me Sports Personality Of The Year. Actually, I don't think that goes far enough. What about the new year honours list? I defeated the evil Germans, after all - surely that's a sterling service to the British Empire that's worth an MBE?

Anyway, Chris is also kind enough to mention that comic I drew, and since by coincidence I've just finished another one (it's taken me about a year to draw this - I just never seem to find the time), here:


Dr. Joseph Pridmore said...

Sheer brilliance. General Evil is a wonderfuly pampered and sneering villain (especially in his first panel), but just as scary is the monstrous auntie who saves the day through unchecked brute force. And is that Dimension Borg in the corner of the bedroom?

Chris said...

the bit where he suggests we start a campaign to make me Sports Personality Of The Year

You slightly overstate the case; I did say that I thought, and do think, you're worth a nomination.

To this end, whether you like it or not:

(a) I have plugged you by name in comment 136 to this thread, very likely to have been seen by the Sports Personality of the Year producer and the Director of BBC Sport. (Which is, of course, not as cool as Harry Hill.) Win the World Championship again next year and I'll plug you in the handwritten letter that I'll almost inevitably end up writing him next November whether you win or not.

(b) Now you've moved where you've moved, I belive you are in the parliamentary constituency of Broxtowe. I used to work for the MP for Broxtowe, Dr. Nick Palmer, just before he became an MP, so I've dropped him a note to get back in touch and pass on the good news for one of his constituents.

I'm disappointed that there doesn't seem to have been any publicity at all for your win in the UK, not even from the usual suspects. You might prefer it that way, but I'd have thought they'd have wanted to keep their competition in the public eye.

Chris (aka j_p, but OpenID isn't working properly right now)