Saturday, November 22, 2008


Do I get a prize for my blog of two days ago when I implied that I believed Michele Borassi would win the World Othello Championship? It's extremely cool, anyway - maybe this will be the start of a new era of othello dominance for youthful Europeans?

Anyway, while not watching the final today, I've been shopping - acquired Lucky Hat Number Four, which is more or less the same style as number three, and also found a fantastic video of Tex Avery Droopy cartoons which has kept me entertained this afternoon. It's even got possibly my all-time favourite, "Deputy Droopy" on it! I'm extremely pleased with this find. Also bought this week's Beano, which I have a mind to blog about at more length tomorrow. I feel like writing something comic-related, it's been a while.

Also tomorrow, must do some memory training. Haven't done a thing since the world championships, and I don't want to get out of the habit over the winter. Paris competition in January and Wales in March that I'll be going to if I can get the time off work, so staying in mental shape should be easier than usual.


Cheeky~Bandit said...

Anyone chanting his name to La donna รจ mobile?

Anonymous said...

Have you actually learned your hiragana yet? You haven't posted anything about it lately...

Zoomy said...

I did learn them, yes. Then I forgot them again. I suck.

geoff said...

Have you considered putting contact details and "reward" in your hat so that when you lose it you might get it back? Although you'd probably have to take the "reward" bit out when around the younger Turners.

Mike said...


I think that competitiors should stand around the winner and sing:
For he's jolly good at othello
For he's jolly good at othello
For he's jolly good at othello
And so say all of us !!

I am not sure what would happen if a woman won though - perhaps a minor change to the lyrics.