Friday, November 21, 2008

Ahhh, so close!

It looked like we might have as many as two British players in the semi-finals of the WOC, but sadly David and Michael tailed off at the end of the day. Still, it's been an exciting tournament that's had me enthralled inasmuch as possible when I'm just sneaking peeks at the website from work. So it's Matthias Berg v Tamaki Miyaoka and Michele Borassi v Dominik Nowak (whom I don't think I've ever heard of before this championship, but he really came on strong today). Stay tuned tomorrow!

Also today, I met someone at the office called Aileen. The only Aileens I've heard of before now were my mother and that American serial killer, but this one seems perfectly nice. Possibly it's not an automatically evil name after all!

And I had an interview with the Beeston Express tonight, so look out for it. If you're in the Beeston area. Or at any rate the part of the Beeston area that gets it delivered, unlike me.

And now it's the weekend. Things to do: Buy a new hat, because I need one to wear at the othello next weekend. Buy some earplugs so I can memorise things. Memorise things. Sit around doing nothing and watching videos. Eat healthily and lose weight.


Chris said...

Fingers crossed the interview will become available at the web site, probably soon after the next issue is published next Thursday. (?)

Anonymous said...

Don't be horrible about your mother, Ben.

Zoomy said...

Sorry, mother.

SamT said...

I know a 61yr old Aileen & a 4 year old one
Both a giggle& not evil that I know but as small child Ailern's mum being a vicar could be. Possibility beckons!!