Monday, January 28, 2008

A triple bill of Zoomy

Stay glued to the telly all day tomorrow, fans. Five News at 11am on channel 5, Richard and Judy at 5pm on channel 4, Extraordinary Animals at 7:30pm back on channel 5 again.

It's been a busy day. I've spent the whole day emailing and phoning about TV shows (not just the ones listed above but also the Canadians I'm seeing on Thursday), memory competitions (Cambridge May 4, Derby May 24-25, let me know if you're interested - entry is free for first-timers, it's a fun day out and there might be prizes) and memory demonstrations (Preston on Wednesday, sandwiched between day trips to London). I'm worn out, and I've got three busy days to come.

One thing I've memorised for these uni demonstrations is all the FA Cup final results in history, and I'm crossing my fingers in hope that Bristol Rovers don't make it to the final this year. The other fifteen clubs still in the competition have all reached the final before, you see, so I won't have to associate new images with them for this year's final. Whereas if Bristol Rovers get to the final, I'll get them all mixed up with Bristol City (who, as any historian or memory expert knows, were runners-up in 1909) and/or Blackburn Rovers (who've been in more finals than I've had hot dinners today).

I use the one of my 2704 regular images that sounds most like each club, you see, so Bristol City are the pop group Bis, and Blackburn Rovers are 'bro', my brother (because Blackpool are the 'back' image, naturally), so I have no idea what image I would use for Bristol Rovers if I had to. Luckily, their chances of reaching the final are basically zero, but it still worries me.


David said...

Hmm shame I'm reading this on a work break on Tuesday when it's too late to set my video recorder!

Antonia Stuart-James said...

Hi Ben,
Fascinating programme and congratulations on all your world records and achievements so far. I love to see anyone excel in a chosen field. I wrote about you on my blog

SamT said...

11am on a Tuesday ZZ isn't the bestest time for a teacher!!
Its not like I would have been on a break, but luckily enough I am checking to see about R & J show for today and you shall be there so shall plomp down and try and not yell at the TV --- well Richard annoys me too much--

Sam said...

I'm sure you could fit it in between cups of tea in the staff room...(!)

Ace* said...

I can't stand Richard 'Smug Git' Madeley either. "They must have a photographic plate in the hippocampus" - what a load of tosh!

My boyfriend says you're getting better at the TV appearance thing - a lot more relaxed and interacting more with the presenters. I think you need a haircut and beard trim though . . . lol!

Jack said...

Finally I've managed to catch a Zoomy telly appearance! Woohoo!

I did giggle when they sped you up. Follow the yellow brick road.

Ace* said...

There was one important point that the doctor guy made "Chimps can be better at certain tasks". Just because chimps have a better memory, doesn't mean they are more intelligent - they seem to have a photographic memory, that doesn't mean we're more stupid. Intelligence is knowledge and how you apply it.

According to Wiki:

"Intelligence is an umbrella term used to describe a property of the mind that encompasses many related abilities, such as the capacities to reason, to plan, to solve problems, to think abstractly, to comprehend ideas, to use language, and to learn. There are several ways to define intelligence. In some cases, intelligence may include traits such as creativity, personality, character, knowledge, or wisdom."

In your face, chimp!

Sam said...

I liked your outfit yesterday, ZZ - I agree the beard could be slightly more trim but I did like your flowing locks. You're getting the memory master routine down pat now, I think - they especially liked the bit about the chimp being an opponent, didn't they.

You'll have your own chat show soon, or something.