Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I got a thank-you card from Richard and Judy

Signed by the joint managing director of their television company.

They also gave me some posh bath salts. I don't own a bath, but I appreciate it.

Thanks for all the comments, everyone! I'm tired and have to be up early tomorrow to go to Preston, so I'll keep this short, but Ace, you're right, I desperately need a haircut and beard trim, but yesterday was so hectic, I couldn't fit it into my busy schedule!

And what's with all the Richard-hate? I think he's a nice guy. Did you know he left school at 16 to pursue a career in journalism?


Ian said...

Great to see you on the telly again, Ben! Twice in one night! Richard and Judy AND The Memory Chimp! Brilliant! What a star you are!

Ace* said...

I don't hate Richard, hate is a very strong word. I actually find them both very irritating and him incredibly smug - doesn't mean he's not a nice bloke. Just a smug nice bloke. I was ever so pleased when they announced you'd be on at 17.45 at the start so I didn't need to watch the whole thing!

David said...

What on Earth are they staring at in that photo? Look at the camera please!

SamT said...

I am with Ace don't hate Richard but he's annoyingly Mr Know it All sometimes which irks me and he cuts Judy off. Mind you she doesn't fair better in my eyes.I don't watch the programme often, much prefer Paul O'Grady and the dogs!