Thursday, January 31, 2008

Blood and sand

The whole Canadian thing went pretty well today - we filmed it at the Canadian embassy, which was a whole new experience. Does that technically mean that I can add Canada to the list of countries I've visited now?

One thing I haven't mentioned about this busy week is that I postponed an appointment to give blood in order to accommodate Tuesday's madness. So if anyone dies for want of a transfusion of B-positive blood between now and next Tuesday, I really do apologise. My bad. Fame and fortune bring nothing but ill.

But to look on the bright side, I watched EastEnders tonight for the first time in yonks, having heard that it was a 30-minute monologue delivered by Dot, and it was absolutely brilliant! Fantastic work by Tony Jordan, the writer. Everyone who didn't watch it tonight, watch the omnibus on Sunday. Even if you're in a different country. I bet it's on the internet somewhere.


Ace* said...

Hold on, I'm B+! Must remember not to get myself seriously injured in the course of the next few days or I might be short a transfusion!

I caught Eastenders (although I hate to admit that I'm a regular viewer - well, as regular as someone like me could be lol!), and must say it was a cracking and highly emotional watch. Cracking script and great acting by June Brown - she deserves recognition for that, not many characters or soap actors can carry and entire, 30 minute episode by themselves.

SamT said...

Techincally you HAVE been to Canada.
All Embassies/ Consulates technically become the country they belong to! Hence why we don't have legal right to wonder in and look at their files etc , isn't that while in certain countries we all plant bugs etc?
The Russians in Berlin took it a wee step further and brought their own grass etc as well!

Anonymous said...

I would say that Canada has (maybe) come to us. But that we haven't necessarily been to it.