Wednesday, January 30, 2008

North End

The Preston presentation went pretty well, all in all. All the students (and staff) were hugely in awe of my Blue Peter badge, several of them had seen me on Richard and Judy, none of them were Preston North End fans but they were nonetheless impressed by my ability to remember all their results for the season. A huge audience, few of whom left before the end, and you never know, one or two of them might want to take up memory as a hobby, inspired by how cool we are.

But the coolest thing of all? Well, remember how the last one was organised by Professor Perfect (giggle), who sounds like a character from a comic? This one was ACTUALLY organised by a character from a comic! She's a friend of Bryan Talbot and was the model for a prostitute Helen encounters in "The Tale Of One Bad Rat"! AND she knows Leo Baxendale! I was going to say her real name here, but then it occurred to me that some student of hers might google her some time and spread it all around the university.

I've never met anyone who's actually a character from a comic before! Oh, wait, except that I think Carlos Pacheco drew Kurt Busiek into the background in Avengers Forever, but that doesn't really count. This is the coolest thing ever!

Okay, London again tomorrow, I still need to memorise the 52 greatest Canadians, I'm sure it'll be fun. And after that, I stop doing all this mad memory-related publicity and start being normal again. It'll be a relief.

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