Monday, September 03, 2007

I'm back!

Wow, it's a while since I've been away from the internet for practically a whole week, there's a lot to catch up on when you come back. Plus I'm worn out by the mental exertions of the last few days (although my swanky hotel room came complete with weighing scales, so I can confirm that I didn't lose between four and nine pounds a day. What a swizz). I'll do a proper blog tomorrow about everything that's happened (and thus keep those of you who weren't following the results on the internet in suspense a bit longer, or else leave you confidently believing that I won...)


jemfo said...

You won enough, we've all been cheering you on VPS Team Facebook.

Isacc said...

Congrats Mr. Ben. Welcome back.

Anonymous said...

May I congratulate Ben for throwing away a World Championship that was there for the taking. Gunther didn't win the world title - Ben Pridmore lost it. May I congratulate Ben on joining the ever growing list of spectactular British sporting failures at international level. After all every Englishman just loves sporting failures.

Simon said...

Mr. Anonymous,

I think we all may congratulate you for having posted one of the more useless comments this site has experienced in the last months.

And Ben:

Well done, your 4100 at the Binary was an outstanding result and you aiming for 30 decks has to be seen as a courageous effort, no matter what the result in that discipline was.
Everyone has to respect your decision to go for it at the Speed Cards, you wanted to clinch the title with a bang, and you probably nearly succeeded.

Hope to see you next year, same face, same place :).