Monday, August 27, 2007

Who will play me in the movie of my life?

In the Sunday Times article about the World Memory Championship yesterday, I'm described as "a bespectacled, slightly plumper version of the actor Rick Moranis". The writer of the article, who also believes that all memory competitors use a memory method called "mind mapping", has never met me (we talked on the phone for five minutes), and so I'm surprised to find that he thinks I'm plump. Or more so than Rick Moranis, anyway. Okay, I probably am, but how dare he conclude that I'm plump just based on the pictures of me that appeared in the Telegraph and the Mail? Everyone knows that their cameras add ten pounds and an opinion about illegal immigrants.

Well, according to the same article, we can expect to "temporarily lose between 4lb and 9lb of weight each day" we're out there, so when I come home three stone lighter, Rick Moranis will be the slightly plumper version of Ben Pridmore. Still, he's not the only person I've been compared to lately - the woman who arranged the interview on Central News insisted (before meeting me) that I'm a dead ringer for David Gest. I don't see that at all (although I've admittedly only seen one photo of him, I had no idea who he was and had to pretend I knew what everyone was talking about and then look him up when I got home - I don't watch "I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here").

Another thing that Rick Moranis and David Gest have in common is that they're 54 years old. I'm thirty.


Anonymous said...

So, Gunther is a "social worker" and a "yoga nut" :))?
Such an "öbermensch" ...

Ben as the "plucky Brit": Not nice.

"The accountant says there are 2.704 possible combinations ...".
This is rather to be seen as a theory, the world's supercomputers are still calculating, but leading mathematicians agree that it is at least a very good estimation.

1.400 instead of 1.000 is not.

Nearly as funny (and I mean it) as your brother impersonating himself.

And it seems the poor Wan Ky has achieved more fame than he might like.

Bye ;),


Anonymous said...

I still think Alan Rickman would be the one to play you!

See you in Bahrain mate.

Anonymous said...

Very funny...

I expect memory sports will really take off now that the secret is out as to what an effective weight-loss tool it is.

Anonymous said...

I've seen somewhat recent pics of Mr. Moranis. He's plumper. This Simon Kurs might be thinking of 80s Rick Moranis, but Recent Rick is plumper.

Anonymous said...

Also, you have more facial hair.

Anonymous said...


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Anonymous said...

Not sure you'll pick this up before the competition but just wanted to say good luck.



Anonymous said...

Well, she’s definitely not as manly as you, but if she glued some hair on her face, and removed some(a lot ;) of hair from her head, the singer Amy Winehouse would be my selection of who should play you in the movie…

Anonymous said...

Steve Buscemi/
Jeff Goldblum

Anonymous said...

Tom Cruise - he puts everything into his performance but still cannot manage to win an Oscar.

Anonymous said...

So cruel. Isn't Tom Cruise supposed to be gay?

Anonymous said...

Maybe but it seems Tom's acting is a bit like Ben's performance in world memory championships. Going into the final event in the lead and has to be favourite given that next up is a discipline that he done oh so well even boasting several times to the UK media about it. And he still ends up losing the title thus joining the countless British failures found in just about every competitive sport.