Wednesday, September 05, 2007


I had a quick interview on Radio Derby again this morning, and in the waiting room there was a copy of the latest newsletter of AORTA - the Allenton, Alvaston and Osmaston Residents Together Association. This is, I'm fairly certain, the worst acronym ever invented. Firstly, it should be AAORTA or even AAAORTA, depending on whether you count the 'and'. Secondly, "Residents Together Association" sounds like a horribly contrived way to make a word out of the initials. Thirdly, why in the name of sanity would you want a residents' association to be called Aorta? Okay, they were always going to be struggling for a name when they decided to form an association spanning three districts of Derby that all start with a vowel, but there's no law saying you HAVE to make an acronym out of the association's name.


Jemfo said...

There is no cause for worry, until there is a subgroup of this association with the acronym ANEURYSM.

jimbo said...

I agree Ben - aorta know better!