Friday, September 07, 2007

The 8:15 From Manchester

Somewhere between the hour cards in Bahrain and getting back home, I've lost two of my good packs of cards. Numbers 8 and 15, to be precise (the boxes have numbers on, but I don't memorise them in fixed order outside memory competitions. That would be slightly more obsessive than I normally am). So I'll need to get some more if I want to attempt 36 packs again (and who knows, next year, if I've done enough practice, I might). I might get them from Manchester, to justify using the title of a Saturday morning children's show that few of my readers will remember, as my subject line tonight. But I'll probably get them from Derby instead, it's a lot more convenient.

Ooh, but I'll tell you what I have bought from Derby - a new black hat! From a market stall that was absolutely crawling with black hats! Why have I never noticed it before? Possibly it didn't exist before, but I have a feeling it did, and I just didn't pay attention to it. Still, this is a cool one. There's a feather in the hatband.

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