Friday, May 27, 2011

Travel plans

Contrary to what I said yesterday, I'm jetting out to Japan on June 5th, and filming with the BBC on the 14th. Which, I realised this morning, is my brother's birthday. I'll have to ask someone at the BBC to remind me on the day, in case I forget again - him being in China makes it easy to forget he exists, apparently.

Anyway, I'm pleased to report that I weigh 12 stone 11. Which, thanks to my anorexic blogging of my unsuccessful efforts to lose weight over the years, I can safely say I haven't weighed since January 2008. The goal is to get down below the 12 stone 4 I was in October 2007, when I first vowed to lose a few pounds and then spent the next three years getting fatter and fatter.

I'm also still training my memory on a regular basis, and doing reasonably well at it, too. Which makes me wonder whether I should start looking for a job (it's two months tomorrow since I left my last one, which was the point at which I decided I'll decide) or leave it for another month and keep up the good work...

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