Monday, May 23, 2011

no Nou no

I was down in London today, filming for the upcoming (in the distant future) BBC show I've been talking about. I've signed the official secrets act, so I'm not supposed to talk about what it involves, you'll just have to be pleasantly surprised when you watch it. Today's stuff, though, was the exact same interview I've done a million times before, so you probably won't be surprised by that bit. But the rest of it will be interesting!

And I came home to find that I've been sent two copies of the new book "Kiseki no Nou no Monogatari" by Dr Ken Mogi, who filmed me last year for the TV show "The Best House 123". The book's all in Japanese, but I'm in it, so if anyone out there can read the language, I've got a spare copy you can have.

They came with a letter thanking me for giving permission to publish the book, which I don't think I did, but since I would have gladly given permission if anyone had asked, I don't really mind.

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Zack Z said...

hey i would like a copy!!!! :) im using mnemonics to learn japanese