Thursday, May 26, 2011

Hard at work

Next Saturday, June 4th, I'm going to Sheffield to play othello, on the 6th I'm going down to London for the exciting pilot episode of a new BBC show that I may or may not be allowed to talk about (I really should read the things I sign, or at least remember what I've skimmed through, but never mind), and then I'm apparently going to be flying out to Japan again for a big exciting TV show that they've decided at very short notice they want me to appear on.

Incidentally, I hate it when people come to me and ask "what kind of fee do you expect for doing this?" I mean, admittedly that's probably better than "we're not going to pay you, by the way," which are the terms on which I usually do TV shows, but I'd much prefer it if they named a fee, so I don't face the embarrassing prospect of asking for too much or too little.

Anyway, I'll have to learn to speak Japanese again now. That'll drive all the Chinese out of my brain. It's a tough life.


Chris M. Dickson said...

In that case, whatever you do, if ever you discover a TV show which is predicated on people asking for sums of money at their choice and then being embarrassed for having asked for too much or too little, don't go on it. :-)

Zoomy said...

Yes, the irony of that had escaped me until this moment. Thanks, Chris! :-)