Saturday, March 27, 2010

My untidiness is my achilles heel

My heel is also something of a weak spot. I had a certificate of some kind - not a memory competition thing, some kind of work-related rubbish, that was in a glass frame, which got buried under a pile of old papers and things in my spare room, and a little while ago I accidentally trod on it and shattered the glass. I didn't bother to pick up the pieces, because I decided they were safely trapped under the general refuse in my spare room and wouldn't bother anybody until I was in more of a tidying kind of mood.

But there's a sort of slow tectonic movement to the darkest depths of the junk in my room, and a big pointy glass shard ended up protruding from the pile of papers, and stabbed me in the heel while I was sitting at my desk today. It really hurt. So I've been forced to clean the place up a bit, and get rid of the deathtrap.

27.77(X), 26.63, 30.44(X); 2:54.93; 5:27.03/405/80; 8:11.07/1225


jiggery-pokery said...

Ouch! That sounds really nasty. Fingers crossed, and heel firmly wrapped, for no further such incidents.

Michelle said...

Nice Pun with the post title lol. Good luck with the cleaning though and try not to hurt yourself again :(. By the way my cartoon blog is coming along great, here take a peek

Oh and by the way I ordered a pocket dragon adventures dvd off here in the US and it has 12 episodes on it. Apparently, this dvd is very rare so I'm glad I found it. But even if I get to only watch 12 episodes of the show that is still a bummer since there are like 104 episodes in all. Still if the dvd has any episodes that you don't have perhaps I can send them to you online and then maybe you can upload as many episodes as you have :).

Oh and by the way I changed my postname to CartoonAddict briefly so if you see any posts with that name as well as Michelle then that is me just thought I should tell you so you don't think that I'm in two places at once lol.