Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Gah! It's on telly!

That's what I just said to myself upon glancing at the Radio Times and noticing that the Spurs/Fulham game is on ITV tonight. I don't know why it didn't occur to me that it would be, but never mind, there's still 40 minutes left, and if I'd thought of that straight away I wouldn't have done any memory training tonight, and that would have been terrible.

By the way, 29.94(X), 30.59, 31.09(X); 3:31.28; 5:37.06/448/240; 8:53.15/1370.

I'm very undecided about who I want to win this game. On the one hand it would be funny if Fulham won the cup and took the Europa League place that would otherwise go to Liverpool, leaving them Europeless next year, but on the other hand I've been rooting for Tottenham this year despite my longstanding dislike of Harry Redknapp, and I'd love to see them win the cup. I think I'll go with the positive feelings rather than the jeering-at-Liverpool's-bad-season approach, and cheer for Tottenham. Go Spurs! Woo! They've just scored! 2-1 up with half an hour to go!

Also, let me just say three cheers for Christian Schäfer, who won the North German Memory Championship at the weekend, with some really impressive scores - 240 in 5-minute numbers, 585 in 5-min binary, 68 seconds in cards and 236 images (dammit, that beats my best score in competitions!) This is yet another graduate of the Junior Memory Championship scene in Germany who's going to start threatening the top rankings now he's officially an Erwachsene. When is someone going to organise a real junior competition in this country? I'd do it myself, but I'm lazy and have no money. But without it, the days of British dominance in memory sports are going to die with me...


Mike said...

I loved the match.
What happened to Fulham in the second half - I have no idea. Their passing in the first half was precise.

Bentley's goal was awesome.

Zoomy said...

It did turn out to be a really great match, didn't it? I'm just glad I caught the end.

Now, who do I cheer for in the semi-final? Actually, I'd be delighted with anyone other than Chelsea winning the cup this year...