Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Here comes the summer sun

Well, today's been cold and cloudy, but the previous few days were baking hot and sunny, which has led me to the conclusion that this new flat of mine is backwards. The front room and kitchen get the sun through the big windows in the mornings, while the bedrooms get it in the afternoons, which means that when I go to bed I come from a relatively cool room into a baking hot one. I think it would work better if it was the other way round.

Maybe I can borrow a giant crane and spin the flat around 180 degrees? That would solve all my problems, and be quite good fun, too!


Mike said...


I think there was a giant crane in Jurassic Park 3

Katy said...

Trust me, it doesn't work better. What happens is the sun comes in your bedroom window as soon as it's above the roofs of the nearby houses, or the nearby trees if you're somewhere quite open, and by 6am at this time of year it's too hot to sleep because your room turns into a sauna. Most distressing to be woken up early every morning!