Sunday, May 31, 2009

Yesterday ... and Today

I forgot to mention a couple of groovy things that happened yesterday. In W H Smith's, I was served by a woman who asked me "Were you on that Superhuman thing?" Which is always nice. And I weighed myself on that machine in Boots and it told me that my Body Mass Index is down to 27.9, and thus I'm no longer in a position to benefit from that scary weight-loss drug we sell! I've lost five pounds since I weighed myself about a month ago, and I attribute that to the last couple of weeks of not cramming sweets into my gob all day long.

Also, I did 1224 in 30-minute numbers practice today, which I think is a personal best. And I've come up with a scheme for creating an abstract images training program, although it'll take a fair bit of work to put it together.

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