Saturday, June 06, 2009

Dammit, Radio Times!

They provided a pretty extensive preview of Robert Webb's appearance on "My Life In Verse" last night, but didn't mention that they were going to go back to his (and my) old school and interview Mr and Mrs Slater, the English teachers! I would have watched it if I'd known that, instead of deciding not to bother! Now I'll have to find out whether it's possible to see it on the internet. Or did anyone happen to video it? I prefer to do things the old-fashioned way, it's more fun.

Actually, one of the three pictures in RT shows Rob (I think his friends call him Rob - let's be honest, I was three years below him and never spoke to him, although everyone in school knew him and loved his comedy routines, so I probably shouldn't give people the impression that we were friends) sitting in a classroom, and I'm trying to work out whether it's a room at QEGS. I'm fairly sure it's not rooms 8, 9 or 10, which is where English lessons were held in my day. Possibly room 10, if it's got fewer windows than I remember. Or it might be the new geography room (or was it the new history room? The closest one to the changing rooms, anyway - the one where the old chemistry lab used to be). It's the kind of thing a TV crew would do, deciding that the English classrooms are the wrong size or shape for a photo, so let's use the geography room instead.

In other news, if I did the Great Nottinghamshire Bike Ride, would anybody want to sponsor me? I was thinking about it, apparently the 50-mile one only has one really nasty hill on it, and I have just had my bike serviced so the brakes work and the handlebars don't fall off. Money would go to the Alzheimer's Society, say. C'mon, who'd give money to see me get sunstroke and/or soaked by downpours while giving myself a heart attack from unnecessary exertion?

Also, I'm watching the first couple of episodes of "Lie To Me" on Sky. Tim Roth is good, like he always is, but it's typical mainstream American detective drama stuff that thinks it's a lot cleverer than it is. And some of the actors trying to convey the subtle facial gestures the script calls for are downright embarrassing! And also, it'll lead to even more people becoming NLP fanatics, which the world could do without. NLP people get on my nerves something chronic, and I'm not sure exactly why.

With the possible exception of this guy, if he is in fact an adherent of NLP. He kind of looks like he might be, but his extremely well-designed website doesn't say so, so maybe he isn't. He does look like he might be a lot of fun as a speaker. And more importantly, he mentions me in a very groovy way in his blog.

Incidentally, I swear I don't google my own name every day. Once a month, tops. But it seems like every time I do, I find a fun reference to me that was made just the day before!


Geoff said...

BBC Iplayer?

David said...

Are Mr & Mrs Slater both still there? Amazing, given that we seemed to change teachers more than some teachers changed their socks!

Katy said...

I'd sponsor you.