Wednesday, March 12, 2008

MK Doms

Rather than going to work tomorrow, I'm going to Milton Keynes, to watch Dominic O'Brien give a memory presentation to youths at a school, the idea being that I can do some of the same kind of thing in the future. I'm sure it'll be fun, and hopefully the audience will be fascinated by the whole thing and form a new generation of memory competitors to rival all those Germans.

Or perhaps they'll all be terrible yobs who think memory is 'uncool', in which case you can look forward to a blog tomorrow moaning about the youth of today and how in my day things were different and we respected our elders and betters-at-memory-stuff.


Anonymous said...

U won't find any yobs Ben. Gladly you will find a way to help people :-)

Anonymous said...

Because it's a moral must:

((((((((((HECKLE HIM!!!!!!!!!))))))))))