Thursday, March 13, 2008

Dean's Hanger?


David Page said...

Ah, it wasn't like that in our day! Teach them all Box Analyis and get teachers to use words like "gumption" more. No-one at that school will amount to anything, unlike our own minor celebrity, Robert Webb.

Of course, maybe they're right: maybe it is just the vision of one Governor, and he's hypnotised the rest to agree with him?

Katy said...

Totally irrelevant to subject matter at hand, but happy Pi Day! Details here - - if it won't post links, on the magazine pages of the BBC news site

SamT said...

Critical thinking is a compulsory element to Philosophy Int 2 ( AS to you) and Higher Philosophy ( A Level) up here. I am a marker for the exam board and teach the sodding subject and believe you me, you try and gets teens to do it! So this school must be giving what the parents want in mainstream while I have to do a stand up act and persuade kids they so want to do my subjects!
And I've used part of the documentary, your visit to Blue Peter and Richard and Judy to get them to watchmemory stuff etc!