Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I'm very disappointed with myself

I had plans for this blog entry tonight. It was going to be titled "Procrastinate? Me?", and then it was going to say "I drew a funny comic, look:", followed by a funny comic. And then I was going to say "Don't worry, I also wrote lots and lots of my book, too. It's nearly finished now."

But what I've actually done all day is non-stop book writing. I didn't have time to draw any silly pictures or anything. It's terrible, it's like I'm a real writer or something. I'm sure it won't last. Especially since it really is nearly finished now.

Well, I've got ITV people coming round tomorrow to talk about another TV show - something about genius, and whether it can be taught. They quite like my approach of saying 'anyone who calls me a genius is obviously a very stupid person' while still bigging up all the genius-like things I do. That always plays well, for some reason. I must have a real genius for coming across as a nice guy.


WelshJames said...

I think that you should give them one of your cards!

Ian said...

Well done working on the book! You'll have to give me a signed copy when it's published! Sounds like we'll be seeing you on the telly again soon - look forward to it!

Ace* said...

Could it be because you are a nice guy?