Thursday, February 14, 2008


Would anyone be interested in a Best Of Zoomy DVD? I got a copy of my Richard and Judy appearance in the post today, which I can add to my collection along with The Mentalists, The Memory Chimp and my starring turn on Blue Peter. As soon as I get round to finding an envelope, I'm going to send them to Raggs, who said he'll make copies for anyone who wants one. I know I could do it myself, or make them into torrents and upload them to the internet, if I was a) technically competent and b) not lazy, but this is the only way it's going to get done, believe me.

Anyway, I've done nothing today, no book-writing or anything, so go ahead and shun me. Going down to Cambridge tomorrow, and I think the book's going to still be not-quite-finished by then, but never mind. Who cares about deadlines, eh?


Boris said...

I am on TV at NRW TV at 6:30pm German Time and 8:30pm German Time tomorrow.

There might be a chat or something like that at 4pm German time.

You can see their programme online at if anyone likes to watch it.

Ian said...

Gar! What about the book? The book!!! Loads of people can't wait!

Geoff, Your Editor said...

I'd be interested in the DVD that way I could shun you via my TV.

Jack said...

Huzzah for Zoomy DVD. I want one!

Jemfy said...

I do, but then there's the whole "would it play on my North American laptop" issue.

jiggery-pokery said...

Well, yes please. :-)

I hadn't heard about The Mentalists until one of my LiveJournal Friends posted about it the day afterwards, saying that he quite enjoyed it. At the time, I had a search for it on BitTorrent and couldn't find it, and having another look now, I still can't. So I was searching the web to find out if you had a web site in order to ask you if you knew whether it was going to be repeated, and found you had a blog, which is even better, and have spent a little while happily reading through the last, ooh, year and a half or so of it - which I wouldn't do if I weren't enjoying it.

Getting around to what I meant to say in the first place: do you know if it's going to be repeated, please, and if not, where might I obtain one of these DVDs?

Many thanks in advance!
Chris M. Dickson