Friday, January 04, 2008

Neville Neville

One of the central gimmicks of "How To Be Clever" is that it has a piece of useless trivia at the bottom of each page. So I've been scouring the dark recesses of my memory and bookcase for interesting little-known facts, preferably ones that can't be found on the internet (which is increasingly hard these days, but I'd like to be able to claim that my book contains not just information that's actually true, but that can't be found on Wikipedia!)

But then tonight while idly reading up on football I come across the hugely interesting fact that the father of footballers Gary and Phil Neville is called Neville Neville. And this is, naturally enough, extremely well-known to everyone except me. So I can't put it in the book, but it's nice to know that while I'm working on sharing my fascinating obscure knowledge with the world and deriding the internet, the internet is sharing its fascinating knowledge back with me. Heehee, Neville Neville. What a great name.


Ace* - aka JJ said...

Some parents completely lack originality when naming their children - I used to work with a guy called Matthew Matthews. My first initial is the same as my last initial and that's bad enough!

SamT said...

I agree with Ace, have known an Andrew Andrews a John Johnson.
Parents think bunging a middle initial is enough to break up the name which isn't true.
Were John Johnson was concerned it was a family tradition, first born male and all.
Mind you,I have known someone call their son John Sean ( which as you know Gaelic for John!!)

Zoomy said...

I've heard of someone with three sons called John, Sean and Ian.

Mike said...

A friend of mine saw football fans notice Frank Lampard's dad leaving a football ground after a match.
Apparently, they chanted, "There's only two Frank Lampards!"