Wednesday, January 02, 2008

He's the one who knows the Mysterons' game

Gerry Anderson night on BBC4, and I'm watching the first episode of Captain Scarlet. Featuring those wonderful Spectrum Pursuit Vehicles in which the driver faces backwards and sees the road ahead on a computer screen. I've always been impressed by how sensationally pointless this innovation is.

Anyway, my road to fame and glory continues apace - the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation want to include me in a memory documentary. I had resolved to do more actual memory championships and training and less documentaries, but I figure it'll be okay if I don't actually have people following me around at competitions and pestering me in the couple of months beforehand. And Canada is a place I've always vaguely wanted to go, so this will make the people there like me in case I ever get round to visiting.

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SamT said...

Canada is a great place!!
I am off there June 25th to visit my son, who moved out there in Sept. So if you are going to be on Canadian TV let me know so I can tell him to watch!